OC Hit Factory Juniors

A brand new and exciting division of OC Hit Factory run by Thomas Barsoe and Cherie Gerena, focusing on very young talents (ages 10-16) and train, mentor and ‘groom’ them into becoming future OC Hit Factory recording artist/ songwriters!

Our team will pitch the best, young ‘Juniors’ for commercials and clients like Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC family and other companies targeting kids and preteens.

OC Hit Factory has teamed up with our friends and top notch instructors at The Music Hall and for the kids picked for OC Hit Factory ‘Juniors, we offer THE BEST vocal, instrument and recording lessons at our state of the art studios plus our critically acclaimed songwriting camps at special ‘Junior’ camps followed by big live concerts!

This is a HUGE opportunity for your young, talented kids to become part of the most exhilarating, innovative and fastest growing Music ‘Power House’ in Orange County!

Mona Ghalbi

Ethan Anapoell

Ava Domini

Austin Fox

Aly Ashford

Rachel Schumann

Jake Caliger

Marcy Huff